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Tiny Tukkins Deluxe Playhouse Set with Mini Mouse Family

$29.99 Regular price $49.99
  • MINIATURE 3-PERSON FAMILY BLISS AND MORE! Step into the magical world of the Tiny Tukkins Deluxe Playhouse Set with Mini Mouse Family – a complete playset featuring:
    • Stuffed Mouse Dad
    • Mom
    • Baby Mouse 
    • Highly detailed Portable mini house
    • Tons of accessories including soft blankets, milk bottle, crib, and bed - ensuring a warm and cuddly atmosphere for their miniature familial life.
  • CHANGEABLE CLOTHES AND BEDTIME FUN: Foster creativity with our changeable clothes feature. Each mini plush toy flaunts removable outfits, and children can enjoy the bedtime routine with pull-down beds and a mini crib for tucking the tiny animals in at night.
  • PLAYTIME EXTRAVAGANZA FOR YOUR CHILDREN: Watch your kids’ face light up during playtime with Baby Mouse, engaging in delightful interactions, feeding the tiny mouse toy with the included accessories and bottle. 
  • TEACH LOVE AND NURTURING: This playset offers a unique opportunity for parents to teach their little ones about love and nurturing. By engaging in imaginative family scenarios, children learn valuable lessons about compassion and responsibility, laying the foundation for a loving and caring future.
  • NOTE: Choking hazard. Toy contains small parts. Not for children under 3 years.