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Surprizamals Series 12 Cuties

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The meticulous craftsmanship of every Mini blind box stuffed animal ensures an array of meticulously designed characters and motifs, offering a fresh and thrilling addition to your collection.

Be it animals, characters, or other adorable creatures, the element of surprise significantly enhances the delight of amassing these charming small plushies.

  • MYSTERY OPENINGS ARE HALF THE FUN! Each Surprizaball holds the key to a world of excitement, offering a delightful collection of small 2.5” plush toys that are cute, cuddly, and full of personality.
  • ASSORTED COLORS, SHAPES, AND TEXTURES -  Engage your child’s senses with a variety of colors, shapes, and textures! Shiny, Fuzzy, Furry, Pink Blue, and Purple too! Get excited to touch and see all the variety Surprizamals has to offer!
  • GLITTERY SUPRIZABALL comes at either pink or teal
  • PERFECT FIT FOR BOTH KIDS AND AVID PLUSH COLLECTORS that are fans of the unknown! It provides an element of anticipation that adds a unique touch to the collecting experience.

WITH OVER 200 TO COLLECT - So many plushies waiting to be unboxed!