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Squeezamals Unicorn Palace - Rainbow Unicorn Stable Playset with a Palace Stable and Food Accessory to Nibble on! (4pc total)

A magical world for endless playtime adventures! This enchanting set serves as the perfect nurturing playground, an invitation for your little one to take wonderful care of their unicorn friend!
  • Designed for ages 3 and above, the Squeezamals series offers enjoyment to nearly everyone
  • Comes with four Adorable Plush Characters housed in a creative packaging suitable for a child’s interactive play
  • 3.5” Unicorn 3” Magical Carrot 2.5” Yummy Apple 2.5” Tart Cherry
  • This palace stable set is unicorn-themed, offering a vibrant space for creative playdates, perfect for igniting a child's imagination!
  • Each piece within this plush toy collection is delicately scented, adding a delightful and appealing aroma to the fun.
  • Crafted from slow-rise memory foam, these plush toys offer a soft touch and satisfying squeezability, providing a captivating experience for kids as they invent stories with their new cuddly companions.
  • This is a great idea for birthdays - with so many lovely pieces to unwrap and discover!

The Squeezamals Unicorn Palace collection is not just fun; it's an enchanting journey into a world of endless possibilities. Children are encouraged to weave their narratives and embark on thrilling adventures within this magical realm!