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Squeezamals - Chinese Takeout (World of Food)


Introducing an Asian-inspired collection of cute food characters crafted into lovable plushies that brings a smile to anyone's face. The attention to detail in their design captures the realism of a Chinese takeout meal, from the intricate patterns on the Dumpling to the delightful expression on the Bok Choi.

  • Perfect for a Chinese-themed food playdate for children and Asian food enthusiasts! 
  • Chinese Takeout Box as handy packaging and plush storage
  • 4 INTERESTING Chinese food plush characters with its own unique personality: 
    • Rice
    • Shrimp
    • Bok Choi
    • Dumpling
  • Sweetly scented, slow rise foam plushies
  • Perfect for both playtime and display

With its combination of charming characters and beautifully designed packaging, this Chinese Takeout Meal Plush Set is a must-have addition to any collection.