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SQUEEZAMALS - World of Food (Plush Playsets)


Includes Super Squishy and Sweet-Scented mini food plushies for engaging Toddler Pretend play, learning Vocabulary and Meal Etiquette

Squeezamals World of Food Play Series is perfect for hours of fun play with new kids their age and even their family! Each kit features super squishy food-replica plushies that will capture little ones' imagination as they create their own pretend meals and outings. The ultimate food play pretend set! 

  • Skill level Ideal for beginners
    • Providing a safe and imaginative platform, parents can effectively instruct their children in learning new vocabulary, meal preparation, and food etiquette using this imaginative food-themed set. 
    • Assuring parents of their children's safety, these high-quality plush toys are meticulously tested for optimal child-friendly use.
    • These are made with slow rise memory foam that’s perfectly suited for a hearty squeeze.
    • Food-themed stuffed toys containing fragrance that engages all 5 senses while kids play
    • This extensive selection of Food Play Series is vast and distinct, catering uniquely to a diverse range of meals and cuisines, providing a distinct experience for every play session.
      • Southern Chicken Dinner
        • Comes in a mini Chicken Dinner box as on-the-go packaging
        • 4 DELICIOUS Characters. Dinner your little one will be surprised with a Crispy Chicken Piece, Baked Chicken Piece, Biscuit and Gravy stuffed Characters
      • New York Pizza Kids
        • Cultivate your love for pizza with your child
        • 4 MOUTH-WATERING Characters: Tucked in each Pizza box packaging your little one will be greeted with Cheese Slice, Pepperoni Slice, Tomato, and 100% Grated Parmesan characters
      • Kids Chinese Takeout Food PlaySet For Hours of Fun Play
        • Perfect for a Chinese-themed playdate! 
        • 4 INTERESTING Characters: Wrapped in each Chinese Takeout Box your little one will be surprised with Rice, Shrimp, Bok Choy, and a Dumpling, all made into super cute characters
      • Chirashi Sushi Bowl
        • Teach and familiarize your kid how to eat Japanese cuisine with this sushi-themed playset!  
        • 5 CUTE Food-themed Stuffed Toys. Contained in each Sushi Bowl packaging, your little one will be surprised with a Shiba Chef, Koala Tea, Uni Maki, Salwhal Maki, and Ikuslo Maki