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Puchi Gumi - Series 1 - 3.5" Boba Assortment


Sip & See the World of Kawaii, Cute Boba Tea-inspired Stuffed Animals!

Engage in a playful experience that mirrors the excitement of enjoying a real drink, making every cuddle session an interactive and joyful moment! It's time to find your favorite flavor’s plush and add these irresistibly soft creatures to your collection!

  • Experience Boba-like fun! Feel the excitement as you squish and shake these plushies' bead-like "boba" at the bottom, adding a unique touch of fun to your cuddly companions.
  • Sip & Play Experience! Just like enjoying your favored drink, immerse yourself in the fun of sipping and playing with your Puchi Gumi stuffies. The bead-like "boba" produces a delightful sound, reminiscent of shaking your milk tea with a straw. 
  • Irresistibly Soft and Undeniably Cute! Puchi Gumi is crafted to embody the essence of "Kawaii" — a Japanese term encapsulating youthfulness, innocence, and sheer playfulness — in every delightful character.These plushies boast an incredibly soft touch and an undeniable level of cuteness that'll make your heart skip a beat.
  • Made from quality materials safe for children
  • Drink Collector’s Dream: This 1st series unveils three captivating Drink-themed assortments: Boba Tea, Milkshakes, and Lattes! 
    • Brown Sugar Bear
    • Dragon Fruit Tea
    • Winter Melon Cat
    • Yakult Unicorn
    • Lychee Tea Corgi
    • Mango Blue Magpie
    • Taro Milk Tea Poodle
    • Almond Milk Axolotl Tea